Live lectures that teach participants the art of seeing.


"I have gone to several seminars as well as two trips—one to Venice and one to Portugal. What impresses me is how [Richard] "sees."  He has a great willingness to teach. He is very approachable, has a great sense of humour and just plain good company both while photographing or socializing. He takes photography and teaching to another level that I have not seen from other professionals.”

Gene Morita
Photographer, Marin County, California

What You'll Learn

Learn The Art Of Seeing

Learn the difference between looking and seeing, and how to develop a natural eye towards making expressive photographs.

Expand Your Knowledge

Develop new skills and acquire new technical knowledge during a time of inspiration and personal growth.

Find Your Style

Discover ways to break creative barriers to find your own photographic style and unique vision.

Gain Inspiration

Gain creative inspiration from an expansive collection of photography and anecdotes from Richard Martin's travels and experiences, and take away lessons to apply to your own photos.

Discover The Secrets Of Composition

Discover the secrets behind Richard's photographic compositions, and how you can use composition to take your photography to new levels.

Walk Through Tutorials

Learn the art of processing through bite-size tutorials in Photoshop and Lightroom in Richard's webinar series.

What Students Say

Alice-Yen -Yong

Alice Yen Yong

“My photography journey has benefitted tremendously from Richard's generosity in sharing his creative vision and skill, which combined with his love of humour and fun makes learning a cinch.”


Mary Macey Butler

“I’m drawn to his heartfelt enthusiasm in a talk or his quiet, gentle way of sharing his passion for the medium one on one or in a small group. He is truly a born teacher.”

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