Explore Your Creative Spirit In Colombia

Viva Colombia: Bogotá, Medellín & Cartagena

A photographic experience with Richard Martin and Adam L. Weintraub

Saturday, January 11th – Thursday, January 23rd, 2020

What Students Say


"Visiting Colombia with Richard Martin and Adam Weintraub was one of the most enjoyable photography tours I’ve experienced, bar none. Every day brought wonderful photographic opportunities, including interesting locations and amazing interactions with locals. It exceeded my expectations in every way."

"As everyone knows, Colombia has had a very difficult past. And many people, including myself, at first wondered how comfortable it would be travelling there. I have to say that I felt very safe, that everyone on the tour also felt comfortable and safe. Bogota or Medellin are no different when compared to travelling to any large city - just use the same common sense that you would when travelling anywhere new.

There were several things that really stood out in terms of photography and interaction.

  • Visiting the Klan Ghetto Popular in Medellin. This is a group of young people who are effecting change in the poor areas of the city by creating youth programs, creating amazing wall art and expressing themselves with hip-hop, rap, and dance. The group instills a sense of pride in their heritage and community, despite the socioeconomic challenges faced. Upbeat and uplifting, these kids are so proud to show what they accomplish. What an incredible day that was. This was one of the most wonderful experiences I’ve ever had and would remain so even without any photography.
  • The wholesale morning market in Cartagena. You wander the market broken into small groups of 3, each with their own guide. People are for the most part open, friendly and happy to have their photo taken. I’ve never been to a market more wonderful for photography.
  • The two Caribbean islands. A late afternoon visit to a small fishing village was only about 15 minutes by foot from our resort. Many friendly people of all ages who clearly, most of whom clearly are happy to have photos taken. The next day, we visited the island of Santa Cruz, a 20-minute boat ride away. This is the most densely populated island in the world, I’m told. Again, amazing people, amazing experience. I love the photos I have of adults and children from both these places. A simply amazing experience not only because of the photography but with the incredible interactions I had with the residents of both villages.
  • The Getsemani neighbourhood just a 10-minute walk from our hotel in Cartagena. Colourful, vibrant and an incredible community in transition. I could (well, I did) wander here for hours making photographs.

Richard’s seemingly endless enthusiasm for photography was no less apparent in Colombia than it is in any location anywhere in the world. Beside’s Richard’s exquisite talents, his joy of sharing, encouraging and assisting anyone and everyone in the group at any time make the experience of travelling with him terrifically rewarding.

And finally, I would be remiss if I didn't mention Adam’s contribution to the trip. His local knowledge, expertise, and enthusiasm ensured we had the best experience possible. Not only is Adam fluent in Spanish, but he also made the most excellent selections for restaurants and meals in every city and town we visited."

Stephen L Starkman
Photographer, Toronto, Canada